My Experience In My Life

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As I look back at my life there is only one instance where something happened to me that was so incredibly important then but it does not matter to me anymore. I was about to enter junior high school at St. Joseph catholic school in Sylvania. My parents came to me with a very serious look on their faces. My mother took me by the hand and told me to go sit down in the in the living room. She said, “We have something important to tell you.” They started out by telling me I would not be attending six, seven, or eight grade at St. Joe’s in the fall. As we had always planned on. I said “Why.” “Did I do something wrong was I in trouble.” My mother said “No, you have never been in trouble. You have always behaved in school.” The school had decided that it would be in my best interest to attend a public school in the fall. The principal at St. Joseph school suggested enrolling me into Sylvania public school system. My fifth grade teacher felt that Sylvania Schools would be able to accommodate my extra help that I needed to succeed in school. My emotions were all over the place. I never did anything wrong. I was always real good in school, never got into trouble. What was I going to do. Would I fit in at my new school. My parents kept telling me that everything would be alright. I just have to believe in myself. Try to accept the changes that was about to happen. In which direction my life was about to go. They keep telling me it was for the best. Even though I knew they were not

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