My Experience In My Life

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Despite how average my life has been thus far, especially compared to others, I have learned so much. Whether I was faced with minor complications or major decisions, I had much knowledge to gain. Regardless of the outcome of my actions, I simply reflected on what I had to learn and carried on. Because, regardless of whether I like it or not, time will continue forward, even if I’m not. If not my age, then it’s my experiences that define who I’ve grown to become.

For all my life, I’ve only lived in Texas. When I was five years old, my family had moved from San Antonio to Dallas. Which, for all I know, was because there was family there that we rarely visit even in close proximity to each other. My family wasn’t, how you say, “well off.” Due to such an important factor, the best living arrangements we came across was a small, two-bedroom apartment. It was just my grandparents, my uncle, my parents, my little brother and I. One would think that the only two rooms in the living space would be shared amongst us. However, as unfair and unjust the situation was, my uncle had his own room as well as my grandparents. As a result, my mom, brother and I were situated in the living room with a futon to rest on. Most of the time, my dad wasn’t around but his absence more of a relief than a tragedy. While my home environment did play a role in who I became, I feel that my school life had more influence in the shape of my character.

Back then, I had only lived in Dallas for four years

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