My Experience In My Life

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My entire life has been full of three of me. My brother, my sister, and myself. I say three of me because my siblings and I are the same age. We were all born on the third of June in nineteen ninety-nine. It has always been this way – the three of us. We are the musketeers, always by each other’s side. We have been through ups and downs and everything in between. For the past eighteen years, all I have known was my siblings and the comfort that they bring. Not only are they the other two-thirds to my life, but they are my best friends. Jaelyn and Dakota (my sister and brother, respectively) are my guidance, security, and sanity. For as long as I can remember, my other thirds were always there for me. They continue to be there for me today. My brother (although a minute younger) is the tall presence in my life that knows when I need a gentle push. He knows when to make me uncomfortable so that I can learn. On the other hand, my sister knows when I need to escape and be comforted. She realizes when I become overwhelmed and need to get out of a situation fast. Just as they do those tasks for me, they depend on me to do the same. This has turned me into the mother hen that I am today. I realize when someone is uncomfortable and how to handle that. The experience that my siblings provided to me when we were younger allows me to guide my new friends in the right path. Dakota and Jaelyn have enabled me to help others because I help my siblings. No matter what, I know that I can

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