My Experience In My Life

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My story begins on the 8th of November an "epic" day. I was born about two weeks early with my twin brother. we weighted about 8 ounces and we could fit in the palm of my dad's hand but not all was good we suffered from asthma and we were also diagnosed with being color blind. we had to be put in machines to help me breathe. That’s all I remember for my first 2 years of being alive. Then disaster struck as we had to go into the foster care system because our parents were drug and alcoholic addicts. Me and my 4 brothers we spilt up into two different homes me and isaac were with one family after about 2 months going home to home. Meanwhile our 3 other brothers were with a different foster family. About a year and a half to two years are parents had full custody of all of us again. And that’s when I went to middle school for 3 years in cedar falls. I don’t really remember much from those 3 years. But what I do remember is that during the summer of 5th grade I woke up to police sirens and one of my mom’s friends Kris waking us up telling us to get some clothes. She told us that are mom was sick and that we had to go live with her for a while. Not all was bad when we were driving to Decorah we saw a rainbow. Me and my brothers lived with her at went to are respective grades. During our dime their we had gotten new that our grandma had died and that the funeral was that next Sunday we didn’t go to school for the next two days. After the fifth month are older brother Collin

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