My Experience In My Life

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Entry one
The airport right now is packed. The steady sounds of feet against flooring echoes in my ears. A child's scream brings me back from a daydream. For a second I forgot where I was or what I was about to do. I honestly still can't believe this is happening. Especially to me. From the dull normalized life I live, I am about to throw in a mixture of crazy the likes I couldn't even fathom. Let me start from the beginning. I have always wanted to go and travel, but used the excuse of having no travel companions, or to busy with school as an excuse. After a rough semester of school, and overall disatisfaction with my life in California I decided my dull life needed some revamping. With the track I am on to become a doctor, I know school will get more and more intense, with less and less time for activities. Instead of throwing away my youth busying myself with schoolwork, I knew I wanted an adventure.
The type of adventure still remained a mystery though. I certainly don't have the financial means to travel aimlessly, throwing money here and there. I needed to find a way to earn my stay somehow.
Looking on the web I found a position called an Au pair. Basicly a language teacher who lives with a family abroad, and in turn tutors them in english. However the majority of positions were for girls. Most people probably wouldn't want a 6 foot 2 male stranger living in their home, and the more I thought about it the less I wanted to live with strangers, especially in a

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