My Experience In My Life

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This was it. Everything I had ever done had led up to this weekend, to this moment. All the hard work, all the supporting roles, all the learning from people older than me. I was finally ready to have my chance to be in the light. I remember pacing back and forth with smell of fresh paint in my nose, the stage having been painted the day before. My hands were shaking. I kept checking my arms to make sure I had not sweat through my costume. I kept running the opening monologue in my head, hoping and praying I did not forget anything. Then the time came. The lights had gone out and I could still hear the murmur of people talking as I stepped out on stage. There would have been time that I would never have even thought about setting foot on a stage much less in a lead role. The thing was that I had been homeschooled all the way until my freshman year. Before that I had no experience whatsoever with theater or acting. I had sung in my church choir, but other than that, I had very little experience. My first ever exposure to acting came in my freshman year of high school. I had gone to see the musical that year and had liked it, but never really thought it was something I would ever do. Then I took a theater class the second semester that year and started to feel that this was not nearly as torturous as I had originally thought. I am not going to lie and say that it did not scare me. The first time I had to get up and do a monologue in front of the class my hands were shaking

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