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My college routine goes like this: Wake up, study, go to the gym, shower, go to classes, go to the library, practice the violin, go to meetings and activities, studying, and then back to my dorm for a restful sleep. I like to say that I can achieve my goals as a dual-degree student pursuing Music and Pharmaceutical Studies towards a PharmD. because I love the consistency in my routine. As a dual-degree student, I have 8-10 courses a semester that I need to take. Being organized and managing my time wisely motivates and allows me to do everything that the University of Connecticut offers for me.
Prior to attending the University of Connecticut, I had no anticipation in adding another degree in Music. I realized that my educational experience would be incomplete with continuing my passion for the violin. I wouldn’t know how I would be able to experience college without music in my life. Since I have been playing the violin for 16 years, I was not ready to give up. Without my lifelong passion for music, would I be where I am today? Adding the second degree would delay me to apply for Pharmacy school in my third year. Do I really want to do this?
My decision to add a degree in music was further amplified by my experiences at UConn. As a member of the Pre-Pharmacy Learning Community, Lambda Kappa Sigma Pharmaceutical Fraternity, and the American Pharmacist’s Association, I was surrounded by peers who wanted to become future pharmacists. I was

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