Life Lessons Learned Essay

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As we all know life is full of experiences. Some of those experiences do not affect our lives, where as others are very significant. On my way into eighth grade I made the decision with my family to be home schooled. I learned many useful things, and it’s still fresh in my mind. The lessons I learned from my experience has strengthened my character immensely. My middle school years were the hardest of my life. I experienced more sadness and stress in those three years than an average adult experiences in their whole life. My sixth grade year was nearing to an end, and I had a falling out with my best friends. Before this I had never experienced any drama. As a thirteen year old, I never thought I would experience something so devastating and heartbreaking. A couple months before the school year was ending one of my best friends and I were having a good time hanging out. As the day was coming to an end, her mother came to take her back home. My friends and I were very close and we are always sad to see each other leave. The next morning, I walked into school expecting to see all my friends and have a good time. I began walking towards them and I noticed a couple people glaring at me. Then I realized they were all glaring at me. A lot of people I didn’t know we even giving me dirty looks. The only two people I didn’t see was my best friends. As i went around school looking for them people began whispering when I walked by. The people where saying: “I can’t believe she called

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