My Experience In Writing

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My experiences with writing started from a young age. It all started back in elementary school when a local author, Marlane Kennedy, who had written a book about the Circleville Pumpkin Show came to my school and read it to us right before Pumpkin Show break. I loved how I could picture almost every word, and decided at that point in time that I wanted to be an author too. Thence began my short stories. Up until about 6th grade I was writing short story after short story and would give them to my mother to take to work so that she could share them with her friends. But once 7th grade hit, I became distracted with school activities and the stories stopped. Later on, when high school began, I started a completely different chapter in my writing labeled “reports.” My freshman and sophomore years were more of an introduction to what I would be expected to write during my junior and senior years.
At the end of sophomore year, my English teacher had recommended me for the AP English course for junior year. I decided to take it, but struggled with it due to my lack of seriousness at the time. In the years before that, I had always been an A student in my English classes, never really putting much effort into my work. But just like that, AP English jumped out of nowhere and opened my eyes to the work that I would have to put in to my assignments. I will not lie, I did have a D for two grading periods, and for the other two I had a C. Though I did not do so well grade wise, I did

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