My Experience Of Being A Student In The Class

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I was always “the trouble” student in the class, but I good at taking tests when I was young. I was not quite sure the purpose of learning by that time, having high scores was the only motivation. Until I had a chance to become an exchange student in sixth grade, and studied aboard for a month. The teachers I met has changed my life. I was still talking a lot during the class and keep asking teachers questions. Instead of being mad, the teachers answered all my questions patiently and praised me for being participating in the class. I was so confused, the same behaviors are considered as “problematic”, “challenge”, and “rude” for a student to do in China, but entirely different in other countries. On the other hand, my cousins who have the same “symptom” as me are Chinese American; they are the good students in the class because they are very engaging in the American classroom. I was so admiring they received the American education, I was determined that I am not only going to study in America, but I am also going to be a teacher in the American education system. However, I remember my grandmother always called them “banana” because even they have Asian faces they hardly write any Chinese word and speak little both Cantonese as well as Mandarin. Most important, they hardly know any Chinese traditional cultures and have the same perspectives of Chinese people like their white peers. I used to have questions about them, how come they do not know anything about China, since

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