My Experience Of My Education

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My education was not the best that I could have received. I am originally from Pennsylvania, but my parents and I moved to Florida right around the time I was to start kindergarten. The public-school education system in Florida is not the greatest compared to other states, especially not the area of Florida where I have grown up. I attended two different elementary schools, two different middle schools (one private k-12 school and one public middle school). I was fortunate enough to attend one high school for all four years, and there I completed a very academically rigorous program known as the International Baccalaureate program, along with some AP classes. This was the best that was offered to me for my learning style, and so I took advantage of it.
Growing up, I was always ahead of the other students in terms of learning. I was an accelerated reader, and I was reading at a fifth grade level when I was in the second and third grade. I would always learn the material quicker than the other children, and that would often cause me to wonder why they were struggling so. I was never given the opportunity to take the test for the gifted program, but in the fifth grade I was placed in a class with a gifted teacher and gifted students because I had high scores on the FCAT (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test) which was the former standardized state test in Florida. My experience in that class was not good; I failed all the math tests, and the other students were very arrogant.

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