My Experience With My Life

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In an incredibly glamorized and vibrant world, I feel fortunate and lucky to be able to learn from my experiences and grow stronger as a human being living, discovering new ideas, and learning from my own mistakes. Walking through the hallway on a cold winter breeze I remember reflecting and thinking about the bad decisions that I was making. Grade point average of 1.8, not being able to graduate from high school, and missing credits were some of the hardest obstacles that I faced. I remember walking with my head down, feeling an emptiness in my heart. Suddenly, my academic counselor walks by next to me and asks me "Daniela, how are you today? Are you feeling okay? He noticed and saw my sad face expression and invited me into his office to have a conversation. After talking and discussing my hard situation with a motivational tone he told me "Do not worry, I am going to do the best that I can in order to help you because I believe in you, you are brilliant and you will succeed". The moment I opened up my eyes I saw a light of hope and I automatically knew that things were going to change. I come from a migrant hardworking family that has given me more than I could possibly imagine. Love, support, and motivation. I am the anchor and the leader of my family. I have the honor to say that I am the first generation college student of my family to be able to go to college and pursue a higher education. I am the ship and my youngest sister is the sailor. With my success and

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