My Experience Of My Family

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I woke up in a sweat breathing heavily as I had awoken from the worst dream my brain could possibly think of. When I sat up I thought it was oddly quiet in my house that rare with my family are family is loud and big I have two sisters and three brothers. When I got out of bed I realized that my twin brother younger by five minutes max was not in the room he is the twin who sleeps in after all. After I got dressed in my usual clothes black basketball shorts and my blue T-shirt that’s from my favorite vacation we have been on also my only vacation I’ve been in out of state and of course my black hoodie. When I went down stairs my siblings were waiting for me; Sophia, Mike, max, Annie, Caleb. When I looked at them they seemed scared, and I made a snarky remark that I regret saying now but I can’t go back and change what I said. After I said what I said my younger sister Annie started crying I was confused usually she runs to are parents telling them then I get sent to my room but this time was different she just sat there crying. My sister comforting her said their gone I was confused because are dogs were spots and rover were lying right there on the ground I looked at them weird then Mike said mom and dad they're gone we called them and no answer no note no nothing, then I said they probably went on a run or to grocery store or something like that. Then mike said no they left their phones why would they do that he said. Maybe dad got sick again you know he hasn’t been

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