My Experience On The Adventure Of My Life

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There I was doing 65 mph, I was behind my dad going straight when we came to a smooth curve I pulled in my brake a tad bit letting off the gas dropping down to about 50mph when I went off the edge and at that moment fear took over me not knowing if I was going to get hurt or go on the adventure of a lifetime! There I was running home happier than I ever was before it was going to be the first day got to go on a snowmobile trip! I burst thru the front door of my house ran up to my bedroom and got straight to packing packed a backpack with my cloths and a dophile bag with my brand new helmet, gloves, jacket and snowpants carried my bags downstairs and sat them in the mound of other bags from my brother and dad. I helped my dad and brother carry all our stuff outside setting it into my dad's truck we then backed up my dad's truck to our snowmobile trailer where we had already had 3 snowmobiles loaded up we hooked up and pulled it to the front of our house. We went inside and said goodbye to my mom and grabbed the final stuff we needed. Afterwards we got in the truck it was right around 7:30pm , there was little to no snow on the ground when we left kinda sad it being january at the time and we couldn't even walk in 1 inch of snow at our house. after we left we, not even 20 minutes away had fallen asleep. I remember waking up going down a road pulling up to a gas station at around 10:00pm i looked out the window and saw mounds of snow in the parking lot, also snow falling

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