My Experience With A Girl From Pennsylvania

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With December 18, 2015 constantly replaying in my head from time to time I can only remember a few distant memories from that day forward. With photos and two boarding passes from Charlotte Douglas Airport and Pittsburg International Airport the only physical memories left from those 3 days and 2 nights. I can only wait and play memories back and forth until not having to say goodbye again. Dating back to 2010, a Friday night on my newly bought PS3 where you can find me on especially weekends with friends from school and acquaintances you make after consistently winning every Call of Duty match, I met Amber. A girl from Pennsylvania older than me by 4 years. It was a crazy thought and even thinking about it then and now is a lot to grasp and accept. Although not thinking about it as much when first meeting her, there was something about her that I couldn’t completely comprehend. I was curious and was more than willing to find out. Despite being older than my only sister by 5 months, Amber understood me and I could be more than myself with her. I had fun and we clicked like best friends do. With Amber’s silly, but charming persona a stand out when on the game or phone her appearance was only a plus. Standing a couple inches shorter and with a lighter complexity to me due to her roots being Italian and Caucasian, she was perfect for me. Only adding to the numerous other reasons why I attempt to maintain this unorthodox but desirable relationship.
With time, surely taking

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