My Experience With Diversity Throughout My Childhood, Marriage, And Career

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As I reflect over my life, I realize it has been filled with diversity throughout my childhood, marriage, and career. My experience with diversity dates back to birth. I was born and raised in a small town, Moss Point, MS. and notably the last state to abolish slavery, currently has a population of 13,704 people. The town consists of 73% Blacks or African Americans, 23% Caucasian, 1% Hispanic or Latino and 1% bi-racial. Regardless of my town’s homogeneous population, I grew up accepting diversity and was taught about different cultures even amid the same racial group. One of the first experiences of diversity I can recall as a child was the various religious beliefs within the Black community. My parents believed “exposure to the world around you” was one of the primary factors to raising a well-rounded individual. Therefore, we often visited different churches of various faiths. Within my own family, there were different doctrines. My great-grandmother was Pentecostal, my grandmother is Baptist and my mother is Atheist. While everyone seemed to have different belief systems, I participated in them all. I had to learn to adapt to each religious institution. In one church I was allowed to wear pants and women could also be pastors; whereas, in another, women could only were full length dresses and were not allowed in the pulpit. Nonetheless, my parents consistently reiterated the world is comprised of many different races and complexities which in turn make the universe a

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