My Crazy Family: A Short Story

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Hi my names Karlee Haase and I'm going to tell you about my crazy family.In my family I have a mom and dad a brother named Jarrod and a sister named Sophie, Jarrod's 16 and Sophie's 10. I'm going to tell you a story about when my siblings,cousins and I had a sleepover at our grandmas.It was Saturday night and our grandma was letting us sleep over. That night we were all chilling watching a movie and eating popcorn then my cousin Ezra came out of the garage “OH YEAH LOOK WHAT I FOUND” He said he was carrying a thing of pop.we all jumped up and got some, after drinking the pop we were all super hyper. My brother and cousin Ezra went to the back room, the girls stayed in the living room ,and my grandma went to bed. My cousin Abby and I were way to hyper to go to bed so we decided to have a dance party. It was great till we realized it was 1:00 and our grandma came and yelled at us, she was super mad and we felt really bad. The boys felt bad to. I felt like someone had just slammed my heart with a hemmer cause I hat making my grandma mad or sad. So we all decided to make her a card and write a song for her, we didn't end up going to bed till about 3:00 in the morning. Then the next day we had to get up at 8:00to get ready for church we were all like zombies and our grandma wasn't mad anymore she thought it was funny were all tired and we gave her our card. Once the church service ended we all raced down the stairs to get the cookies, after we got them, like the socially

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