My Family And The Role Of A Family

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In today’s society, every person in every family have a different role to act on. For some families, the roles are equally shared. Every decision they make, they would talk and plan it through with one another. The more traditional family, the male would be in charge of everything since they are consider the “dominant” one. The male would be the one making the family decision and taking care of the family, while the female would be responsible for the little things such as being the typical role of a wife. In my family, we used to be the traditional roles. Where my dad would take care of all the financial needs, while my mom would be in charge of all the cooking and cleaning. I started to noticed this when I was ten years old. Back then, …show more content…

Over the time, I think that my dad noticed how society viewed women more than a housewife and that was when my dad started to let my mom and I have say in the family. Without the society viewing women more than a housekeeper, I do not think my dad would have approved my mom and I to have a say in the family. This is because my dad was taught as a child to be the leading role in the family once he is married. Not only he was taught this, in the Vietnamese culture, the male are suppose to be the leader of the family. It would look “weird” if others see a women being in charge. My grandparents were like that as well and that never changed. From the time my grandparents were married until my grandma died, my grandpa made the decision. All my grandma did was cook, clean, and look after her children. As I grew up in a society where we start to believe in equality it taught me that there is no “role” for a family to act on. Everyone in the family should have a say in what they believe in. It does not matter what gender or age they are, as long as they are in a family they should decide as a family. In the end, I believe that every family should have the opportunity to have a say in their family no matter who makes more money. Family are suppose to be united meaning everything they decided they would all approve. When I get married, I would make sure that everything my

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