My Family : Growing Up In A Dysfunctional Family

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Through my middle school and high school career, I would’ve never thought growing up in a dysfunctional family would build my character. My family was separated like two couples that divorced. Although I didn’t like some of my sisters, I showed favoritism to one who had the same interest as me. My mom worked at a retirement home where she took care of elderly people. Her taking care of us was already stressful since she claimed we put her through hell in her late 30’s. As for my dad, he didn’t have much luck landing a job and remained a stay at home dad. The one thing that I appreciated the most was being around my other 5 siblings. Ronny, 27, and Louis, 24, are my older brothers. Ashley, 23, and Iesha, 22, are my oldest sisters. However, Arnae is 17 and she is the baby girl of the family. Most of us got along when we decided to be in one another presence. For example, my sisters Ashley and Iesha hung out with one another because they found interest in gossiping, fashion, and makeup. My two eldest brothers loved watching the NBA together and playing video games against each other. My youngest sister and I were left together despite our times of arguing over food. I was the only talented person in our family with skills in Art, dancing, and basketball.
When I was in the 6th grade, my siblings and I would eat by ourselves in our own rooms. There was never a time where we would sit at a table having dinner while talking about how our day was. I was never bothered by it until it
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