My Father And Father In Sarah Vowell's Shooting Dad

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I was mortified when my dad purposely farted in Buehler's. Two minutes prior we had been walking down aisles joking about stuff in the store and poking fun at my little sister. Then all of the sudden he looked around, saw we were pretty much alone in the aisle and farted. I immediately gave him the ‘I cannot believe you just did that’ look and he just laughed, not seeming to mind that a Buehlers associate was only a couple yards from us. When I think about this it is easy for me to say that I am nothing like my Father. Sarah Vowell also felt very different compared to her dad when she wrote the essay “Shooting Dad”. However when Vowell looks past their differences she finds how similar she is to her Father. I find this to be true about many child-parent relationships, even if the child does not wish to be like their parents. Children cannot prevent themselves from becoming similar to their parents. Throughout “Shooting Dad” Vowell discovers how similar she is compared to her Father. She starts off her essay by examining differences between her and her dad by saying, “You could have looked at the Democratic campaign poster in the upstairs window and Republican in the downstairs window”. This was supposed to demonstrate a major difference between Vowell and her Father. However when I read this I see two people who share an intense passion for politics. Instead of showing how different Vowell is from her Father, she shows the reader how similar she is. Vowell remains

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