My Father Is Not The Issue

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People quiet and stop chasing their dreams because of money, but money is not the issue. When I start understanding objects around me I found myself as a refugee in Peshawar Pakhtunkhwa. We were an average income family living in Pakistan. My Father was an ambitious man he dreamed about all of us to get higher and quality education, he was sending us to Private school rather than to government or refugee school. At private school you pay but get more than medium education there. Life was rolling gradually and slowly until 1996 my father passed away that was probably the moment when dreams were shattered and it was like the world end for us.
Fortunately my mom was a strong lady she didn’t quite and right at that time she said to us, we will rather sleep hungry but will chase the dream and this is where the new journey started. At that time my elder brother he was 16 years old and studying in class 9 so he had to leave the school to support our family financially, but he also didn’t give up on his dreams he started studying privately with himself and then at the end of the year he was asked to give exams at school.
This was a new set up for our family so my mother and brother both started managing the expenditure and savings at home in a way which ensure that everybody get to school. This was continuing until I was at class 5 this was the moment we couldn’t afford the private school fees so they decided to send me to government school because it was not possible for them to

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