American Dream : Resources And Competency Are Recipes For Success Essay

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American Dream: Resources and Competency are Recipes for Success American Dream as defined by Merriam-Webster online as “an American social ideal that stresses egalitarianism and especially material prosperity.” What is the American Dream to you? Is it having a stable and a high-paying job? How about owning a beautiful house, car, and bank account? Perhaps, your definition of the American Dream is being the founder and owner of a multi-billion dollar business empire that has businesses in every state? Every American across the country has a different interpretation of what is the American Dream for them. Regardless of what version of the American Dream, achieving this dream is like chasing the impossible. I did not say you cannot achieve them, unless, you have the resources; money, plan, and support, and the person’s competency; skills, knowledge, and attitude, your chance of succeeding the American Dream are within reach. These aforementioned are the recipes needed in pursuing the American Dream. So, we can say the American Dream may be impossible, but attainable with the help of the recipes mentioned. Here is why? First, we need resources to keep track with our goals: the American Dream. Why do we need the resources in realizing this American Dream? Attaining your dream of a stable and a high-paying job does not magically happen by itself. You need money to finish your education, either your goal is to finish bachelors, masters or doctorate degrees. Whether you get it

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