My Father Nicholas R. Hines Essay

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“No matter the situation that you’re in, I just want you to know that you always a choice to make,” my father Nicholas R. Hines repeated to me for the what seemed like the millionth time in my life. As I a child I very rarely saw my dad, but when I did, it was in a court ordered supervised visitation center. It wasn’t until I was ten or eleven that I realized why this was necessary. I discovered that my father had made some poor choices when he was drunk and angry with his wife. Regardless, my sister and I love our dad dearly, even though we know the mistakes he has made in his life. That is one of the reasons I decided to Interview Nick Hines. When he was young Nick had a typical family; mom, dad, and his older brother Matt. They never stayed in one area, they moved quite often because of his father’s work. “It didn’t give me a chance to make many friends.” says Nick. Instead of making new friends wherever he was at he and Matt stuck together. When they were bored, they would run around in the house which caused their mother to become upset, so she kicked them out to play outside. Lets just say they came up with some very “interesting” activities. This gave me a solid explanation of why when asked to choose one word to describe his childhood he chose the word hectic. It was hardest for his mother, whom started to drink often from the stress of moving around constantly. As he grew up, Nick started to notice that his mother started to become angry with her husband.

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