My Father Research Paper

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I was born with my Dad's nose; the exact same as my sisters. I have many permanent scars some physical and some emotional, or mental. Some of these scars include the passing of my brother and sister and my step dad abusing me and my mom. On May, 22 2009 an unthinkable event that changed me occurred . My sister got into a car crash, and was in critical condition at the hospital. I came home early that day after my dad checked me out crying, we went home and he told me. The words hurt like the coldest frostbite and red hot needles all over my body. I was only five then and when my sister passed away that night I couldn't handle it. She was only seventeen and she was my rock when my parents got divorced, I could go to her for anything. Today I still live with he same pain I …show more content…

We went to court several times but DHS never found him guilty because I was too young to stand witness and my mom was too scared. Another reason I love my sister so deeply is because a few months before she passed she saw my step dad hit my mom and in return she hit him 7 times with an aluminum baseball bat. He was too scared to file assault charges and she gave him permanent knee damage. Somehow this managed to scare him off and my mom got back together with my dad. Today I still have the physical scars across my back that tell me that I need to love what I have and never beg for more, because what I have makes me who I am. On June, 21 2009 my baby brother was born on June, 23 2009 is when he passed away. He had a condition called thanatophoric dwarfism which meant that his lungs couldn't grow to support his body with enough oxygen. When he passed I had already been increasingly depressed but that had made me comatose with depression from then to 2011 I can't remember anything because I was in such trauma. This made me strong and gave me a humanitarian belief system to put others before

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