My Greatest Mistake In My Life

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Never did I think a horrible mistake would positively impact my life this much. During my short 17 years of life, I have overcome many obstacles that have now shaped me to who I am today. One of the first obstacles life ever threw my way was the changing of schools multiple times. I transferred schools three times in my life, which made keeping friends rather difficult. I first transferred to a new school when I was going into the 5th grade. I found this challenging because I was at my former school from 18 months old till 10, so it was all I knew. I was scared to acquire new friends, which now I find was the silliest idea to be afraid of. Once I found my niche at this new school, I made a huge mistake in life that altered my path forever. …show more content…

From the end of November till the 21 of December my Grandpa was put into Hospice, or a at home nursing home to prepare your loved one for death. At this time I was trying to balance my studies as well as supporting my family morally and emotionally due to the tough times we were going through. During the week of exams, my father was rarely home because of his father nearing death. This led me and my mom to provide each other with dinner and help each other. Knowing about the struggles we were having, my two uncles which were my moms brothers came over to have dinner and help up set up our Christmas tree. It was December 20th when they came over which was the day before my grandpa passed. My mom mistook me for my uncle and said my grandpa was going to die that night or the next morning. I didn't realize she said this and didn't know they were hiding this from me. I came home from my exams the next day to see my father balling due to his death. Because of the mourning process I missed one day of exams and lost complete focus in school for a short time. After I came to the facts that he was dead I started to work harder than I have ever worked before. This led to me getting the best grades I had ever gotten in my high school career and they are still getting better. While getting over death is never fully obtainable, you have to learn to be able to live with the thoughts that run through your head daily about your deceased love one. I

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