My Father The Major Has A Big Announcement For The Town

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My father the major has a big announcement for the town. “People all over the city are getting a virus called plague or the black death” he said. As the major went on “ the capitol will be here soon to take away our contestants for this year 's hunger games.”
“If they don’t make it in time we will have to evacuate the city and who ever is left behind we must leave behind” the major said. Everyone started to gasp and panic. I thought to myself, but what about gale and my sister Prim he can 't leave his family and neither can I he still has his mother and I have my father.My mother died from pneumonia. His father left them to escape the capitol one day and they caught him running through the woods where Gale and I hunt. That day the capitol found him,ever since then Gale had to take care of his family on his own.
As I walked down the road to Gale 's house I stopped by the bakery to see that nice man with the witch if a wife. “Hello is the bakery open right now? I wanted to know if I could talk to the man of the bakery.” He never told me his name and he never talked a lot. I think it’s because I talk too much. People always say at school that all I do is blabber my mouth about anything I can. I think my father told me stop right here but I don’t remember because of the announcement. I waited awhile...still no one came out. Then I heard a big CRASH. So I grabbed the pan that the water was leaking in from the roof and started walking into the back. My father always told me to…

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