My Father 's Theory Of A Blind Pig Stumbling On An Acorn

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Nickie went into the Army after graduating from King’s and returned home a few days later when a newly-discovered heart murmur earned him a medical discharge. Able to determine everything wrong with the U.S. Army, Fort Dix, and the Selective Service System after only a few hours in uniform, Nickie returned to Dunmore where he immediately began to chart his new course through life. Clearly substantiating my father’s theory of “a blind pig stumbling on an acorn sometimes,” Nickie was not only able to quickly locate a graduate school program that was still accepting applicants for the fall semester, but also a program that was offering a lucrative graduate assistantship that covered tuition, books, and living expenses. With his service…show more content…
Although somewhat surprised by not getting accepted to Washington State University’s medical college, he did get accepted to Keystone which, according to Nickie, was no surprise at all. Aware of Keystone’s pigeonhole protocol for selecting prospective students, Nickie felt he was the only Keystone applicant who occupied a pigeonhole devoted to a resident of Dunmore who held a bachelor’s degree from King’s and a master’s degree from Washington State, married a princess of both the Athabaskan and Navajo tribes, and honorably served his country during the Vietnam War for seventy-two hours at Fort Dix. While in Washington and Alaska, Nickie met a number of young physicians who were working for the National Health Service Corps on Indian reservations and in rural, physician shortage areas. Having their medical school educations financed by the federal government, these physicians owed one year of service for every year of federally-subsidized education they received. Realizing he could no longer count on his family’s financial support or any significant financial contributions from Emma, who would be continuing her graduate studies at LaSalle University, Nickie joined the National Health Service Corps and agreed to a four-year tour of duty with the Corps in exchange for complete financing of his medical education. Nickie realized joining the Corps would put on hold his aspirations of opening his own medical practice in

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