My Favorite Archaeological Site In Japan

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Japan is a country well known for the preservation of cultural places. In such a small country, there are many historical sites open for visitation, and museums built for history that they could not conserve. While there are many attractions in Japan for tourists, the most popular are sites with a lot of Japanese culture. As an aspiring archaeologist, I would absolutely spend most my time in Japan, should I ever get to go, touring the most popular historical locations. My favorite archaeological site in Japan is the Tomb of Emperor Nintoku. There are many reasons why I felt this site was the most intriguing, but the main reason was the extraordinary size of the tomb. It is about 486 meters long, about 307 meters wide, and 35.8 meters high. Supposing 2,000 people worked on it every day, it is estimated that it took about 16 years to build. The Tomb of Emperor Nintoku is one of the three largest tombs in the world, the other two being the Tomb of Qin Shi Huang in China and the pyramid of King Khufu in Egypt. Emperor Nintoku’s tomb is also fascinating because the inside has not been excavated, so there is no guarantee that this tomb is in fact where Emperor Nintoku was buried. Emperor Nintoku was the most powerful person in Japan at the time that the tomb was being built, so it is a safe assumption that the tomb was built for him. His actual burial site has not been confirmed, as is the norm for tombs in Japan, as they are protected by the government from looters and foreign

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