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Favorite character: Mickey Mouse “When I was a baby, my aunt gave me a stuffed Mickey Mouse for Christmas. That prompted my family to give me Mickey Mouse things over the course of my entire life. So now, I have a huge collection of them at my desk.” Pro Park Tips: > “For the fastest ride on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, sit in the back of the train. You’ll go faster for longer because the train gets up to speed when you’re at the top of the hill as opposed to halfway down.” >”There are hidden Mickeys on buildings all through the parks. Even the steampunk dragon in the ‘Festival of Fantasy’ parade has one—it’s on one of the spinning gears inside the middle of the dragon’s body.” >“The ghostly ballroom scene in the Haunted Mansion is made possible thanks to a magician’s trick from the 1800s called ‘Pepper’s Ghost.’” >“The Mickey Mouse on top of the Crossroads of the World inside the entrance to Hollywood Studios is a lightning rod. One of his ears is made of copper to attract the lightning.” kristen desmond lefevre 8 | FAL L 2017 The MVP of ESPN
— On the rebound from can cer and a comp any-wide shakeup, ESPN’s Shelle y Smith focu ses on the future. The eyes of 15 .5 million vie wers are on Shelley Smith, Nebraska, as she stands courtside, recapping the final minutes of a professional basketball game—and that’s just a normal day. ¶ This pioneer broadcast journalist has been sharing the trials and tribulations of great athletes for the duration of her career. I caught up with

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