My Favorite Dolls

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I remember when I was around 8, in the hot summer, waking up in the morning to my stuffed duck I would sleep with at my grandma’s house. As the sun peeked through the annoying blinds that did not close all the way, I would get up and head to the living room. Grandma was usually watching her cooking shows, so I’d sit down and watch with her while I waited for my sister to wake up. Grandpa would just be getting back from hunting, which he would wake up at 4 to go and do. Once my sister woke up we would all sit down and eat breakfast together. Breakfast usually consisted of pancakes with too much syrup and a glass of orange juice. Grandma would get on to us if we did not brush our teeth afterward, so we made sure to do that. After breakfast, we would rush to our playroom to play with our assortment of dolls. Cabbage patch dolls, Barbie dolls, Polly Pocket dolls, we had them all. Our favorite dolls were the Hannah Montana Barbie dolls. My sister and I would always fight over who got Miley and who got Hannah. We also would fight over how we played. What I mean by that is I always liked to have a storyline to follow. My sister, on the other hand, liked to make it up as we went along. I feel that this was one of the many reasons my sister did not particularly enjoy playing with me. Once I got tired of that, I would have my favorite treat, a banana popsicle. I personally hate the fruit itself but love the flavor of the popsicle. At some point in the day, my sister and I would head
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