Example Of Personal Narrative Essay For College

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My favorite games were always the ones that came down to the last possession with only 5 seconds left. When the ticking of the clock became my own heartbeat, and I could hear each individual squeak of sneakers on the court, I waited for the ball to come sailing through the air as the accompanying adrenaline surged through my veins. This high seemed to go on forever, yet in reality it was only a mere second. Now with this jolt of energy I was ready. I received the ball, and, with a quick pump fake and cross over dribble I would be around the opponents’ point guard. I would come to a jump stop and shoot! Time stopped as the buzzer went off and I waited to see if the ball would drop into the basket, it made its usual arching course to the basket, flipping over itself again and again. But this time I was on the ground writhing in pain. It was a moment.

I thought it was life changing, but actually, it just ended my athletic career. After shoulder surgery, many hours of physical therapy, and countless comeback attempts, I was waiting for my next moment to set me on a new path. It led me into the kitchen. Instead of using competition to increase my heart rate, I decided that cooking and baking provided me with a similar excitement. I dreamed of being in a professional kitchen, where the knives danced as they gracefully bounced up and down on the cutting board combining with the hum of the mixers, where the temperature kept rising throughout the dinner service, as the aromas

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