My Favorite Place

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The feeling of nostalgia of a place can bring back many happy memories. With the pressures and expectations of the world including society, family and friends I am always in need of a place I can escape to so that I can enjoy the world for what it is. The best place for me is sitting on the sand, perfectly, for the waves to touch my legs yet not too close that I am sucked into its motion. To me, it is my place to calmly gather my thoughts and breathe without feeling suffocated. All I can hear are the waves and the sounds of the birds enjoying the clear skies. I can take in the smell of the salt water in the air and gaze at the horizon as the sun sets. It is the one place I don't mind being invisible because I feel like I am the only one there. My favorite place is the beach in Mombasa, Kenya. I have a sense of belonging with this place. Looking back, I can say that I have experienced change with this place. Unfortunately, there has been a huge impact on the beach environmentally. The marine life has been put in danger due to the amount of rubbish such as plastic bottles and bags being thrown into the ocean or even on the beach and around the hotels and resorts nearby. Through time, it has changed for the worst as it has not been taken care of and not treated with the care it should be. There has been no active role within the community to try to participate in making a change and bettering the environment. As we reviewed the term ‘place' we looked at three criterion that

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