My Favorite Point Ms. Mcintosh

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My favorite point Ms. McIntosh makes is “ I can choose blemish cover or bandages in “flesh” color and have them more or less match my skin.” Holy cow, this is so incredibly true, and I never realized it until I read this article. Most drugstores don’t carry make up dark enough for African Americans. I have seen white women use, powder foundation made for black women to highlight their face to make it look tan. It is so ignorant by the make up companies, to not cater to women of all shades. You can walk down the make up aisle and find ten different shades for white women and two maybe three dark ones. Black skin comes in just as many tints as white skin does. Same with bandages, black people get scrapes and cuts too, why don’t you make a skin colored bandage for them? For crying out loud, we make neon pink, orange, green, and purple but we cant have a brown color? Most grown adults don’t want to wear neon or character bandages, but putting an ivory Band-Aid on their finger looks quite peculiar. Isn’t the purpose of a Band-Aid to make the skin look “normal” to divert attention from the wound? I never realized it but when I babysat for my cousins, the mother and son were African American, the daughter was biracial, and my cousin was white. They always had character Band-Aids, I never thought twice about it because their kids were young, however it makes complete sense to me. They don’t have bandages to match then skin tone. Even the small things like this, certainly could make

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