My Favorite Sports

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“There may be people that have more talent than you, but there is no excuse for anyone to work harder that you do” a quote by Derek Jeter, a famous baseball player. Baseball is a fun sport and is one of my favorite hobbies. This sport is enjoyable because baseball allows anyone to always watch the sport at the games or not, it can be amusing for all to play, and one is able to collect a vast memorabilia.
Watching this action packed sport is one of my favorite parts. Watching the game at home can be a entertaining and easy way to watch one’s favorite team. The comforts of one’s couch or bed can make a intense baseball game more relaxing and less stressful. At one’s house one can eat their own snacks, not just what the ballpark serves one. An item that one can have that the ballpark doesn’t have is a fillet mignon if one is feeling fancy on the night of the game and one are just dying for some quality steak. Watching the game on the go can be a good options for the fans who love to travel. On the go one are able to go and get food at a city diner just not somewhere fancy, or on a date. Also, if one is in the middle of a boring presentation that one do not want to listen to at work one can watch a game, just don’t get caught by one’s boss. Also, one may want to be in the thick of the game you can go to the ballpark to see the action in person and live. Benefits of the ballpark are that famous ballpark hotdog that all baseball fans enjoy. Although watching the game is enjoyable,

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