My Fieldwork At Whittier Health Network

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1 a.) I have been performing my fieldwork at Whittier Health Network in Haverhill, Massachusetts. There many different types of patients and clients receiving services at my fieldwork site, from patients receiving rehabilitation services, to residents receiving dialysis. Some of the patients that my fieldwork supervisor and I have been meeting with have ranged in age from mid-forties to late eighties, and have had various diagnoses. One patient that my supervisor and I have met with was a women in her mid-fifties. She has recently had knee surgery, and has been suffering from respiratory problems. She also has been experiencing high levels of anxiety, which appears to be due to her inability to breathe properly and easily. Another patient we have been seeing who has been experiencing difficulties with respiration and breathing is a man in his early seventies. He has been ill, and was experiencing difficulty with breathing. He is currently using a tracheostomy tube, which has allowed him to breathe, and make great progress throughout his stay at the facility. Another patient we have been seeing is a women in her mid-sixties. This patient had obtained an injury to the lumbar region of her spinal cord, and in turn has recently had spinal surgery. Other patients that we have seen have been experiencing various injuries that they are working on recovering from; are experiencing various ailments such as dementia, confusion, and Alzheimer’s; or are experiencing difficulties with

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