My First Car Wreck - Original Writing

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My First Car Wreck It was Sunday September 8, 2013. I was hanging out with my best friends Courtney and Colten. We were at my house and we decided that we were going to see our friend Josh. Then we had to decide what car and who was going to drive. We all decided to just take my car, which was my mom’s car. I drove out to Josh’s house, which was fifteen minutes away. We picked up Josh and then drove around the country for a while. After driving around for a while Josh wanted to go get his car so we took him back to his house, he picked up his car, and Colten decided to ride with Josh. We got down the end of Josh’s road and Courtney kept begging and begging me to drive so I finally let her drive. She started to kind of drive like she was showing off and I kept telling her that if she did not stop I was going to make her get out and let me drive. She stopped for a while and then she started to follow Josh and Josh was kind of driving fast and she was driving to catch up to him. She caught up to him and then they both decided to turn around and head the opposite direction, well their speed kept getting faster and faster. Josh had gone over a hill already and we were about an eighth to a quarter mile behind him. Courtney lost control of the car because she was going too fast. We started fishtailing and we went from the right side of the road to the left and then back to the right and right after we had gone off the road a little bit and we hit a culvert. All I remember next is

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