My First Class Ever At Byu

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In the Brigham Young University Winter 2014 semester, I timidly stepped through the doors of the Joseph Smith Building to begin my first class ever at BYU. Just having returned from my mission, I was more than ready to take on any challenge that was in my way of scholastic achievement. I was in the pre-contemplation stage of the Stages of Change, and felt no great need to change any of my study habits. As the semester went on, I began to realize the challenge that University presented to me on an intellectual level. Scrambling to cope with this unexpected challenge, I committed to my scholastic endeavors by throwing vast amounts of time into my studies. At this point I graduated to the contemplation stage, as I began to look for solutions to my agony and largely lacking scholastic achievement. My most wasteful and time consuming method of study was rote memorization, which has now become basis for the study habit I wish to change. I have initiated this process through planning and isolating what to change, as well as refining the actual method of how I was changing.
The study habit I have endeavored to change is one that is manifested in every facet of the human experience. Memory is a huge portion of every activity we undertake in life, as vastly different consequences follow if our memories are honed or inferior. As a result I felt the great urgency, accompanied with an impending need, to hone my memory and render it fully-functional. The uses of memory are innumerable. As

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