My First Day In High School

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Morning isn't really my thing.

I guess that's why I'm wearing a shirt that says "I'm not a morning person" tied into a knot at the front. The rest of my outfit consists of black ripped jeans, white Air Force 1s, and a olive green bomber jacket with patches scattered about.

Its my first day back in High school.

Where self esteem, innocence and dreams go to die. Well from what I remember. I was pretty known at my old school even though I only got through ninth grade and a portion of tenth. I got into fights, skipped, and I'm pretty sure I spent most of my afternoons in detention.

Must be the reason why the Principle wants to talk directly to Lindsey and I. I'm assuming to discuss my previous behavior at my old school. So here I am sitting in his office that smells of coffee and peppermint.

Lindsey sits next to me as the Principle takes a seat at his desk opposite of us. The wrinkles near his eyes are prominent. So is the streaks of grey in his hair. He wears a grey suit with a blue tie with a noticeable coffee stain on it.

"Hello, I'm principle Loganberry." he greets us with a crooked smile. "My secretary thought I should take a look at Ms. Winters file before enrolling her."

"Is there a problem?" Lindsey asks him.

"No there shouldn't be. It's just a precaution." he assured her.

"Ripley Ariella Winters." he reads my name as he opens a manila folder with, I'm guessing, is my school records. His brows furrowed as his eyes scan the papers.

"You have quite the

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