My First Day In School Essay

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New life in a new country For many people, coming to school the first day always has been an exciting experience and like a little adventure. That very first day of school will become a significant day in everyone life, a day to celebrate. I had my first day of school too; I couldn’t remember all the details; but somehow, I can still feel the excitement and curiosity that I had at the time. It would be impossible for anyone to travel back in time to look back on their first day of school. But, I was lucky that I was able to have another opportunity to feel the same excitement and curiosity again. It was recently when my family moved to America. Growing up in a small town, everyone knows each other, so it was harder for me to say goodbye to everyone, especially my close friends. I was depressed on departing day because I knew I would miss my friends, family, foods, festivals, air, beach, and the sky full of stars. I knew it wouldn't be the same in America, but I had no choice at the time. “Is that tree dead?” my mother asked me after we leave the Dulles International Airport in D.C and on our way to our new home in America. I look around from the small taxi’s window, and I was quite surprised to see something so marvelous. This was the first time in my life I saw a tree quite big without a single leaf. I thought it was dead too, so I asked the taxi driver, and he responded me with a laugh. Later, when we arrived at our new home, I found out that the tree is just sleeping

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