My First Day Of My Academic Career

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“How are you in this class? I’m sorry, but I’ll have to drop you from this course” the Statistics professor informed me. This was upon finding out that I was registered for another math class which was a prerequisite for the Statistics course. That was my first day of what would turn out to be a lengthy college career. Looking back the question held deeper meaning than I initially thought. My reasons for taking that course and others was due to following friends and feelings of obligation to attend college. I was enrolling in courses as if I were checking off items from a grocery list. Never meeting with advisors or forming an academic plan, I naively assumed everything would just fall into place. I had developed no goals nor aspirations, …show more content…

The opportunity allowed me to work and travel, to break away from the stagnation I was seeing in my friends lives as well as my own. The work, privately contracted security, allowed me to earn a substantial income while travelling to different parts of the world. This required me to be away from home usually for a period of six to nine months. In off-months I would return to Florida, where I would enroll in online courses to pass the time. I found the “work at your own pace” greatly appealing, hoping the greater flexibility would be favorable. While I did manage to find some success, I ended up at the same pitfalls. Still devoid of a reason, trying to force my way in fulfilling an obligation. For me the contract work was always a means to an end. It provided the ability to solve a problem I’d come to understand over the years as I grew older and wiser. I had no sense of self, no real perspective to call my own. I was in my mid-twenties with no long-term goals in life. It was time to make a change, something drastic that would allow me to break away from the distractions and pitfalls. In September of 2013, I packed up and moved to Seattle, Washington. To this day, I get odd looks when I tell people I moved here from Florida, usually emphasizing the need for a change of scenery and weather. In reality, I chose Seattle for a clean slate and to immerse myself in a technology rich environment.

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