My First Day Of The Mental Health Class

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My first day in the mental health class was very exciting, informative and awareness. Being in class on the first day of the course has deepened my understanding, changed my perception and increased my level of empathy for people with mental health challenges.
The discussions about how some people regard those with mental health challenges, what individuals in the class want to learn about mental health, and statistics about mental illness has really broadened my knowledge, understanding, and given me a preview of some of the roles of social work with the affected clients.
To begin, the discussions about how the society perceive others with mental illness was a wakeup call and awareness to me. This is because, I also have been calling people with mental health challenges name and even told few of them to go back to work instead of begging for money. I used to think that, those whose conditions are not severe were acting out and thought they were being lazy. The discussions in class helped to understand that, it is not their fault and some of the people in the society judge others affected by mental health illness and their families very harsh.
Also, through the class discussion, I got the chance to figure out the meth and truth about mental health. For example, I now know that, those diagnosed of mental illness are not evil and it is not any devil that caused the person to have that issue. I read that, some of mental illness are due to biological, genetic, trauma and

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