My First Ever Algebra Class

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Freshman year of highschool was my first ever Algebra class. Growing up math had never been my strong point, I’ve always been English-minded. However, in my first year of what they call real math, the rest of my algebraic career was decided for me. Going into high school as a freshman you never know what to expect, what teachers are the rights ones, or what classes you should finish as soon as possible. That year I was placed unwittingly in a class run by a teacher named Kovic. Kovic, at this time, was two years away from retiring and had had tenure for years. The tenure position had totally dried him out and sucked him dry of all motivation to teach well in his classroom. He was lazy, sloppy, and completely incompetent and that is why I believe that tenure is the worst thing to ever happen to the public education community.
By the time he got around to actually starting our first period class, nearly half of the class time had passed, giving us only 20 minutes for reviewing homework, taking notes, doing that day 's worksheet and getting our homework before trotting off to our next class. The first week of the class wasn’t hard to keep up with because the class had nothing to go over and all of the information was new. No classes were giving out much homework so I had plenty of time to get help from friends and my parents with the material; however, as the semester progressed more classes started unleashing an ungodly workload on my 15 year old mind and

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