My First Language And My Knowledge Of The Spanish Language

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I am one of the many students who were born into a Spanish-speaking household. Obviously my first language is Spanish, but the first language I developed reading skills in was English. Throughout early years of life, my mother took charge of teaching me how to pronounce through many methods she acquired. I learned through “the sonic phonic,” by people around me like my older sister, who knew how to speak English already by the time I started, and by reading numerous books. The various ways I learned English, were the stepping stones for enhancing my knowledge of the Spanish language. My mom started with what is called “the sonic phonic” which is the pronunciation of the ABC’s; this is how she taught me to read through the process. We would go the public library weekly and get various books for me to read. I would take picture books, but her choices were actual books with words. It commenced with her reading to me and sounding out the words, then when I gained confidence with the language, I started reading the books to her. In this form, my choppy way of speaking began to disappear. Before bedtime, she would lay next to me and read perpetually. There would be nights where we were drained, eventually we fell asleep, but we kept up with the reading for the next night. Our book collection was so massive, it took 2 baskets full to carry the books which laid right next to my bed. We collected tremendously, in occasions we forgot to return the books. Considering we read
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