My First Platoon Or Join An S Shop Essay

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There are very few things that separate us from animals, opposable thumbs are pretty nice, but the true thing that makes us human is our ability to plan for the future and to be retrospective. Stepping out of our own shoes helps us to prepare for the future, and I feel that this assignment has given me the ability to do just that. Both of my interviews gave me some very similar answers on a few of the questions and vastly different on some of the others. What’s interesting to me is I’ve asked similar questions before, between CTLT and various cadet experiences in my career, but I’ve never taken the time to write them down and actually consider the answers to those questions. I hope that through these interviews I’ll be able to bring a little bit more to the table when I finally make it to the operational force and take over my first platoon or join an S shop. The first person that I interviewed was 2nd Lieutenant John Zuzich, he is a scout platoon leader in 6-9 Cav, 3ABCT, 1CD. After exchanging formalities I jumped into the questions. The first question, based off of the assignment, was. What he wished he had known before becoming a platoon leader? Luckily for him his first job was a platoon leader so we were able to get right into the meat of things. He said that, as a West Pointer he had given to the illusion that all soldiers are America’s best and brightest and that they would be experts in their crafts. Which, in his specific situation, wasn’t the case. Initially he

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