My First Poem By Samantha

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Throughout Creative Writing, I have worked on countless poems and wrote several pieces of nonfiction and fiction. I have selected five poems along with two pieces of fiction and one piece of nonfiction. My first poem is called Poem I in the Untitled Series by Samantha. I chose to not name my poems because I didn’t want to limit the reader. The first poem is four quatrains and is about fall and winter. I tired to experiment with end rhythm. I decide to follow the rhythm pattern A, B, C, B. It’s a cute poem that is easy to follow and gets the point across. My second poem is called Poem II in the Untitled Series by Samantha. Unlike the first poem this poem is more deep and has a lot of hiding meanings. I tried to write about two horrifying events. One event is about how a woman is being abused my her solider husband. It is told through their daughters eyes. The abuse is being compared to 9/11. Take note on the numbers I use because they have significant reference. There is some rhyme, but I wasn’t focusing on the rhyming, because sometimes I feel like trying to have my poems rhyme it limits me. Also it is written in free verse. My third poem is called Poem III in the Untitled Series by Samantha. This poem is an elegy. I chose to do A,A,BB, CC, DD, EE, and so on as a rhyme. I wanted to take something serious and try to not make it serious. It is kind of an advice poem about college and drinking. I never wrote a poem that rhymes before until this one. I found it rather

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