Spring by Gerard Manley Hopkins

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With every end, there is a beginning. When the cold winter ends, there is a new beginning in nature where the trees and flowers start fresh as they grow once again. The poem “Spring”, takes us, readers, to a setting where the place shows complete nature. We are to imagine aesthetic scenery where spring has arrived and everything that happens during this season is happening right in front of us. The speaker seems to appreciate nature so much that he sees the complete difference between the seasons and that he admires the birth of the natural world. He explains his feelings in almost all aspects as he describes the rinsing in his ears in one line which may mean that, his mind, soul, and body is refreshed with what the natural sound that he hears during this season. As for him, he conceptualizes the natural world as a pure creation of God and that it helps in spiritual awakening. Here is the interpretation and analysis of the poem based on the sections that respect the grammar and meaning of its sentences:

Nothing is so beautiful as Spring – When weeds, in wheels, shoot long and lovely and lush;

In the first line, the speaker says that there is no other thing that is as similar to the beauty of Spring. With the dash after the word spring, it means that the speaker is trying to let the readers believe the first statement that nothing is so beautiful as Spring. The weeds in wheels in the second line may mean, that, weeds have grown in wheels or maybe the way the weeds
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