My First Roller Coaster Research Paper

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I shivered as the scalding sun was replaced with a dark sky and a cool breeze. The people that had crowded the theme park rides were now absent. Mostly absent anyway. I was at the Six Flags theme park in Texas with my friend Kera and her parents. We had been at the theme park for a majority of the day riding roller coasters. By “we” I mean Kera’s dad Rob and I. I was his roller coaster buddy all day since Kera and her mom Shannon were more interested in shopping. The last roller coaster we wanted to go on was the Titan. The biggest and fastest coaster in the theme park. That day was also the first time I rode my first roller coaster, so this was a huge jump for me.

At first, there was hardly a wait. If the sun had been up, the line would have been as crowded as an ice cream shop on a hot summer’s day. But, it was well
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It was only a matter of time before the shouts and screams we heard were going to be ours. An uneasy feeling was still plaguing me, but the countdown clock on one of the columns continuously made me more anxious by the second. Some of the staff came around and made sure we were secure in our cars. The numbers had not gone down to single digits and it did not make me feel any better.

Click, click, click, click. I was now lying back against my seat as we inched upward to the first and highest drop.

“This is the worst part,” Rob complained, “I hate it.” I share the opposite opinion. I always found that this was my favorite part of any roller coaster. My least favorite part, however, are any hills or drops. As Rob tightly closed his eyes, I peered over the edge of the car at the view around me.

“I can see the whole parking lot from here!” I exclaimed. It was on top of the world with one of the best views I had ever seen. The parking lot was only a portion of it. I could a small majority of the city also. However, this made me fall into a false sense of
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