Freshman Year Essay

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Freshman year was by far the worst year I've ever had as a student. I had the worst overall class grades and test scores I can remember. During the final year of middle school, I had received a letter from the principal at Cherokee Trail. It was an invitation to the Pre- IB and AP course. I accepted the invitation, excited that I would finally be challenged as a student. I went into the 9th grade with Pre IB and AP classes, thinking there would be no change from the few challenging courses I took the previous year. I went into highschool confident, and carefree, seeing how I had a 4.0 GPA every semester since the 7th grade. I believed high school would be just like middle school, stress free, little homework and easy tests and classes. It's safe to say the 8th grade did a poor job of preparing me for what I was about to experience.
Throughout the course of my first year of highschool as a freshman, I never took anything seriously. There would be days I didn’t do my homework, simply because I was lazy and never wanted to.I had an off at the time, and decided to dedicate that time to my homework.With that one period off, I didn't do any extra work at home, because I believed the off would give me enough time to complete, and study for everything that had been assigned. I continued to act like everything was going to come easy to me like it did in middle school. I was almost certain that I would finish the semester with another 4.0 grade point average. My grades gradually began

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