My Friendship Adremony : A Personal Story : My Little Pony

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I was in 3rd grade, I didn’t have any friends.. I didn’t know a lot of people... Until I met my friend Leena. We talked a lot, She was mostly interested in My Little Pony, Which I didn’t enjoy. I liked Cartoons, but we still got along. I then started making fun of her for liking the show, I made up some stupid song about how boring the show was. Then she one day started getting back at me for it, and always called me stupid. A few weeks later I apologized and so did she, and we became friends again. She then one day got us friendship necklaces, it was a horse and inside were different colors and it would change depending on the temperature in the room. We were Neighbors, She one day came over to my house, and asked if I would like to come over to her’s. I agreed and went with her. She gave me a tour of her house and her room, we talked a lot. We both then decided to go outside and go on a walk, but then my mom came and picked me up, That was the only time we ever hung out, outside of school. In 5th grade we never stayed in touch, In 6th grade I moved, and in school, we never talked, we lost touch. It wasn’t until 7th grade when we actually saw each other again, In athletics, we ended up getting lockers right next to each other. During that time she showed me a new show that she liked, I watched it, and it ended up being really good. We kept talking and became friends again, ever since then we have become really close. She used to be jealous and annoyed by me, because of
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