My Future Ministry : My Future Ministry

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My future ministry is and always has been, the continued work of the Lord. To share His name and the great love that He has for all of His creations. That in my work I will be able to continue to do what God has given me the ability to do in the past. Share His name, bring more people to Him, pray for and help all of the lost find their way to salvation. Show those that have never known what the true love of Christ is all about and how to love them unconditionally through Christ. To continue to help those that are less fortunate. To feed those that are hungry. To give coats and blankets to those that are cold.
I have found that over the years, sometimes, people just would like someone to be kind or nice to them, sometimes to just speak a kind word or two to them. It is amazing when you truly go out and seek to find the lost, just how many people there truly is out there that have Never known what Jesus and His love are really all about. Sometimes when I feel down or depressed and just not having a good day, I go and look for someone that I know for a fact has less than we do and maybe are homeless. And I try to talk to them sometimes all it takes is a smile and just a friendly word to gain their curiosity. Then they do not mind talking to you.
We have an area here in this town and the one up the freeway from us, where the Church used to be, and it is amazing at the people in both places that live under the bridge or in the area the call homeless part of town. I have seen

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